House construction

We are a company dedicated to the design and construction of single-family homes. We work responsibly and we are in every detail to make your home a reality. In addition we are dedicated to the maintenance of buildings, waterproofing of ceilings and medians, spare parts, painting works and all kinds of works. We have a long experience in the field, with more than 15 finished houses, a duplex complex and countless maintenance works.

Workers, maintenance and installation staff

We are a work team mainly focused on rendering remodeling services, covering items such as durlock, paint, floating floors, walls and carpets. We provide a comprehensive service to architects or companies that need to solve everything with one person. We have verifiable reference.

Interior Design and Architecture

We are constantly looking for a close relationship between Architecture and Nature, both in the use of vegetation and in the use of building materials. We are a team that seeks close support to the client, assuming this relationship as the most important to carry out a project and its execution according to the needs and wishes of the client.

Facade and gardening

Knowledge and experience at work in green spaces. Design - Weekly, biweekly or monthly maintenance - Automatic irrigation - Height pruning - Transplants - Execution of works for landscape designers and architects - Design with native flora - Recovery of deteriorated parks and gardens - Advice to construction professionals - Provision of plants, land , pots at wholesale price.

About Us

We have gained extensive experience working with high-end contractors and designers throughout the state of Hawaii.

Our experience ranges from large commercial jobs to small single-family housing projects.

The professionalism we acquire in Argentina provides a level of services that exceeds many in the industry.

We have established strong working relationships with many subcontractors, such as tiles, masons, electricity, plumbing, drywall, ceilings and many others.

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The qualifications of our clients

Very easy to work with, prompt and efficient work, reliable and professional. Easy to communicate with and works with your budget.
Must Ton
Construpop Hawai was our third contractor to give us an estimate for our different projects over different times which included new flooring, installation of counter tops and cabinets and windows. Josh came prepared and was very efficient. He showed us materials and products that were practical and durable for our projects. 
Didik Gogor